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Our small chillers (up to 1kW) are now supplied with natural refrigerant R290 as standard.

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Thermal image of COOL-CARE® keeping the condenser cool on a rotary evaporator

Precision from the beginning

Precision from the beginning

Only specially trained experts are responsible for the manufacturing of the devices in our production department.  An order only goes to the production department after all the design instructions have been prepared.  Consistent stock-keeping makes it possible to assemble all the components individually in order to build the required piece of equipment.  State of the art computers at every production workplace, document the most important information and transmit all the required parameters for every cooler to the controller.  Every piece of equipment undergoes individual testing with a test report for performance and function.

Take advantage of our experience.

Experts in manufacturing chillers

We place particular importance on our customers wishes regarding the manufacture of a machine and after-sales service.  The whole company, including Production, Development and Sales is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001. We are a recognised company for the disposal of old cooling agents and old chillers. In 2014 our Company celebrated it´s 40th Birthday! We would like to say "Thank you" to our customers for this 40 years.

We look forward to our continued business relationship.


  • Water to Water Chillers
  • 2 in 1 Chillers
  • Custom/OEM



Available from 600W to 50kW versions.  All models are available with electronic power control which provides a highly consistent temperature at the water outlet (±0.1K).  The desired flow on the water side can be adjusted using a bypass.  Models are available both air or water cooled.  Various pump sizes are also available.  All the units are mobile and equipped with a pump cut-out in the event of water failure.  External installation with appropriate options is available. The feed pump is extremely quiet. The unit has a clear OLED display. A written description of any faults are shown in the display.  The unit is easy to service due to the easy release side panels. 



The MINORE® is a small circulatory cooler available in 300W, 350W and 500W versions. A cooling unit cools the circulating water and/or antifreeze mixture in a small container, from where it is supplied to the cooling unit by a circulation pump.  The tank is easily accessible and can be filled from under the hinged cover on the top of the unit.  This type of unit is available in the same size of casing up to 600 W and 3.0 bars pump pressure and can be supplied as an air or water cooled version.



Cooling using air is the most economical method of cooling, because of physical limitations however, the cool water temperature cannot be brought any lower than the ambient temperature because this kind of chiller cools with help of a heat exchanger directly against air.  The units are particularly but not exclusively suited to water distillation units or certain AAS units.  The airflow is from left to right.  The cooling capacities available with this kind of chiller can be up to 100 kW.





In order to avoid cooling water being consumed during the range of applications Van der Heijden has developed the COOL-CARE®.  The COOL-CARE® operates on the principle of a circulating cooler.  A refrigeration unit cools the circulating water or anti-freeze mixture in a small container.  If maintaining a constant temperature within a determined range is more important than water savings, the COOL-CARE® is available with a small heating unit.  A wear-resistant microprocessor-controlled control unit regulates the container heating unit and ensures a very precise water outflow temperature.




Very small water-cooled recirculating chiller.  Low heat generation.  Temperature setting as required.  Very low noise and vibration (no fan).  The coolant tank is located on the front for easy access.  Easy to use.  High pressure pump feed for good flow.  Water consumption is zero when the unit is switched off.


Water to Water Chillers

Today, many institutes already have their own cooling water supply. This cooling water is generally too cold to cool a laser or an electron microscope or the water quality may be poor.  The KÜHLMOBIL water to water separator offers the ideal solution for such problems and has very small dimensions.  It operates without a compressor and consequently without any refrigerant, only the feed pump requires energy, as the refrigerant output uses the domestic water system to cool.  The purchasing price of a water-water cooler is much lower than a compressor cooled device.

Water-water coolers from Van der Heijden-Labortechnik GmbH are available in the same performance versions as the standard KÜHLMOBIL.  All the models are specially designed for the existing building water circuits and can be supplied with outputs up to 150 kW.  The standard models are all fitted with bypass, manometer and sensor to monitor the flow.  The unit switches off if any kind of fault occurs.  Temperature control is on a secondary circuit.  A motorised valve on the primary circuit automatically regulates the water volume.  The stepped motor operates with fine control to ensure a highly consistent temperature.

All Van der Heijden KÜHLMOBIL are available as a water to water system separator.


2 in 1 Combination Chillers

Many laboratories and institutes are equipped with cooling water pipes (house water net) but often this could not used directly for cooling of analytical instruments. In this case water to water system separators will be used.  A special problem is when this liquid chiller will not supplied with cooling water or the temperature of the house cooling system rises.  This comes up to heavy disturbances and to not enough cooling of the analyse device.  Series of experiments can be stopped and important sampling cannot go on because of this outage.  To guarantee a disturbance-free use with a high reliability we have configured a combination chiller, exact for this situations.  Disturbances of the cooling water net will be registered from the chiller and a build-in automatically active cooling, as air-cooled variation, takes over automatically the cooling.  So an interruption-free cooling process is guaranteed and the user can work normal. With this air-cooled variation you will be independent of the cooling water net and the cooling is further guaranteed.  Also the combination chillers have an advantage to simple water-cooled variations because they can be used further in case of a movement of the laboratory.  The extension to a system separator they can be used also when there will be no house water net.  We offer this combination devices with a capacity of 1 kW up to 3 kW.  If the on-site situation requires, it is also possible to plan combination devices with higher capacities. This should be checked with a counselling.  Inside and from the handling the combination devices are the same as our standard devices.  There are only 2 water connections more on the back of the chiller, used for the connection to the house water net or water pipes.



Custom design and OEM


Please contact us to discuss your requirements.  Van der Heijden are highly skilled at providing the highest quality, economical solution for your cooling need.  Working with many instrument manufacturers, Universities, research institutes, industrial customers and many unique cooling projects, we will have solved a similar problem before.  

Custom design has involved projects as diverse as ice-baths for professional athletes, integrated equipment cooling, cold rooms, swimming pool cooling, nano and semi-conductor technology projects and many more.

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